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Name of the product : SoPiWine
Benefits of our product :

  • SoPiWine* allows for real-time wine cellar management
  • SoPiWine provides an innovative “search & locate” function
  • Wine cellar management can be operated remotely
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    Benefits of our product for you :

  • To perform a full inventory of the wine cellar at the push of a button
  • To get an aggregated view of the inventory across multiple wine cellars
  • To automate replenishment because inventory monitoring is done in real-time
  • To detect immediately bottle thefts
  • With a single query you know where are your priorities
  • You don’t run the risk of forgetting bottles in a corner of the cellar
  • If you have to much of a wine close to maturity
  • You don’t loose time searching for a bottle in the cellar: the LED indicator points out right to the rack that contains the bottle
  • When you withdraw a bottle, the inventory is automatically updated. No need to enter anything into the application
  • Fine consumption statistics can be drawn to feed marketing operations
  • Replenishment can be fully automated and optimized
  • Subscription to additional SoPiWine services can give you access to anonymized statistics of similar professionals or markets
  • Our team

    Jean-Christophe Saunière (CEO)
    Skills : blend of operational and managerial experience with strong skills in Innovation management and proven business acumen

    Damien Saunière (CTO)
    Skills : IS expert in charge of developing and supervising application developments and IT infrastructure
    Bastien Lacombe (R&D Director)
    Skills : R&D engineer in charge of RFID developments and RF tuning